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What's a supporters' section?

The supporters’ section of a football (otherwise known as soccer) stadium is the area in which all the diehard supporters stand for 90+ minutes on match days (this is a safe standing supporters’ section), sing, chant, dance, wave flags, drum and so much more. The supporters’ section is a sacred area of our home stadium where we show our support for our athletes through our active support. Our supporters’ section will be kid-friendly, and we encourage you to bring along the next generation of soccer supporters to partake in the fun. Just be sure your young ones are up for the supporters’ section and all that active support entails. Children will not be expected to participate in the same way. For the safety of all who reside in the supporters’ section, children will need to be accompanied and attended to by an adult at all times.

Here's a great supporters’ section example from the Rose City Riveters, the Portland Thorns’ supporters group.

What's the view like?

Note: On match days, the seats in the supporters' section will have a metal bar in front of them to prohibit fans from pulling the seats down. This ensures our supporters are protected and the seats don't break.


Photos courtesy of Trex Commercial Products

What's active support?

There are many different versions of active support – so long as you’re here to stand side-by-side with your fellow supporters for 90+ minutes on match days and sing along with our chants, the supporters' section is the place for you! Keep in mind, there will be flags in your face, occasional banners overhead, tifos hoisted in the air, drums beating at all times and occasional controlled smoke wafting into the supporters’ section. All of these facets help create the ambiance of the supporters section, and every supporter in the section adds to that ambiance by contributing to the football tradition that is active support.

Wherever you are, you are Rebellion 99!

If you or your children are uncomfortable with smoke, flags, banners, drums or participating in active support (chanting and standing for 90+ minutes), it is recommended you locate alternative seating arrangements elsewhere around the stadium.


Rebellion 99 support can take place anywhere in the stadium, not just the supporters' section – be the voice in your section.

What do you want in your supporters' section?

Please answer even if you do not plan to sit in the supporters’ section – the supporter atmosphere is meant to excite and engage everyone around the stadium.