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R99 Preseason 

Ever growing,
learning and expanding.
2021 brings even more surprises in anticipation of ACFC's 2022 season.


Build a community with fellow ACFC fans. Exclusive online forum, in-person events (eventually), merch releases and more.


Get exclusive access to ACFC news and Rebellion 99 merch before the general public. 



Rebellion 99

2021 Membership

Membership* benefits include:

  • Limited Edition R99 sticker pack

  • Handwritten welcome note

  • Exclusive digital downloads throughout the year

  • Early access to upcoming R99 merchandise releases and ACFC news

  • Access to members-only events

  • Redemption code for free ACFC Supporter Membership

  • Up-to-date news through R99 Slack/Discord online community

*2021 Rebellion 99 membership benefits expire on December 31, 2021

Rebellion 99 Code of Conduct

  • Rebellion 99 members support, protect and uplift Rebellion 99, Angel City Football Club and all fans. This includes, but is not limited to, being respectful and courteous of fellow Rebellion 99 members, ACFC players/staff and other ACFC patrons both inside and outside the stadium and online.

  • When within the Banc of California Stadium or any other NWSL venue, you are expected to follow, uphold and respect this Rebellion 99 Code of Conduct, the NWSL Code of Conduct and the stadium/venue’s Code of Conduct.

  • We embrace all persons willing to stand with Rebellion 99 and support Angel City Football Club no matter their race, national origin, religion, political views, sexual orientation, gender identity or supporters' group affiliation. Discrimination or prejudice of any kind will never be tolerated and will be subjected to disciplinary action or removal from Rebellion 99.

  • Members shall not slander, misrepresent or spread misinformation about fellow ACFC supporters' groups and/or other team's supporters' groups. We promote unity and respect and always welcome others wishing to join us to support Angel City Football Club.

  • Members must respect the privacy of fellow Rebellion 99 members and all persons employed by Angel City Football Club including, but not limited to, players and staff.

  • Violence of any kind, including verbal or physical threats to fellow supporters' group members or the public, is strictly prohibited and will result in disciplinary action or removal from Rebellion 99.

  • Throwing of objects at the field or in the direction of other fans or supporters poses a danger to all in attendance and will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

  • Responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages is acceptable. However, overly intoxicated members who visibly lack the ability to control themselves will be prohibited from participating in certain activities and events for the safety of themselves and other supporters. Excessive instances may result in temporary or permanent ban from Rebellion 99. As dictated by law, alcohol purchase, possession or consumption by a minor is illegal and will not be tolerated.

  • Use of any Rebellion 99 logos, trademarks or property is subject to the approval of Rebellion 99 leadership.

  • As a member of Rebellion 99, you agree to refrain from joining any other ACFC supporters' group.

  • As a member of Rebellion 99, you will at times have access to confidential information pertaining to Rebellion 99 or Angel City Football Club. Any information shared outside Rebellion 99 will be in violation of our Code of Conduct and may result in removal from Rebellion 99.

  • Violations of the Rebellion 99 Code of Conduct may result in temporary or permanent ban from Rebellion 99. A Rebellion 99 Disciplinary Committee will meet as necessary to address violations. Rebellion 99 reserves the right to modify or extend this code of conduct at any time. Rebellion 99 members will receive 7-day notice of any changes before going into effect.

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